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Why women want a man who is committed to the progressive pursuit of his own evolution.

The most phenomenal women in this world are highly attracted to men who are set apart by their attitude, actions, and awareness. They are desperately waiting for more men to step up and transform themselves into the kind of men that they can fully give themselves to. Guys, your transformation is the key to unlocking the mind, body, and soul of a woman who’s rare and far from regular.

This is why a guy who is regular is rarely rewarded for his efforts because little does he know, even his efforts are regular. His attention to detail is regular. His attempts at conversations are regular. His approach to dating or courting is regular. The spirit of regular can be extremely deceitful because it causes you to reach for that which is rare, in a way that is often repulsive and rejected by women who are phenomenal and amazing. These are the women who would rather stay single than to start settling for a man who is simply regular.

A phenomenal woman prefers a phenomenal man. An amazing woman is looking for an amazing man. A man who intrigues her interest. A man who arouses her appetite for mental interactions that satisfy her soul. A man who speaks to her spirit without opening his mouth. A man who has and continues to develop himself into a better man, each day. Transformation is a pheromone that every man can possess, if he is willing to commit to the progressive pursuit of his own evolution.

Women aren’t just looking for a lover; women are looking for a leader who can earn the privilege of leading her forward, onward, and upward. She needs more than just a beast in the bed; she needs a beast in the boardroom and a beast at the bank. And listen, brothers, for her, it’s not about how much money you make. It’s about the amount of security you bring that’s real and not fake. The kind of security that exceeds and excels past the promises of what you’re going to do one day, because she can rest, relax and be at peace based on what you’re doing each and every day. The kind of security that makes her want to build with you because it’s clear that you have a blueprint and a true sense of where you’re going and how to get there.

You’ll see that she’s a phenomenal woman who truly is amazing because she’ll treat you like a King, more and more every day because you’re making her feel like a Queen, more and more each day. And when a King and Queen join forces, their Kingdom is strengthened and their domain is expanded. If you want to reach your maximum potential, become a man who can be the covering for a woman who can be the Queen to a King. A King who evolves and excels in the pursuit of being a better man, every single day. When you get better … you’ll receive better.

Troy Wynn, Sr. Pastor - Author - Transformation Coach

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