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The science of your own success.

The self sabatoging thought process, poisionng many people, is sneaky and often difficult to discern. That is, until you become aware of the symptoms. Once you become aware of the symtoms, you can become a student of the science of your own success.

There are three levels of consciousness: (1) Poverty, (2) Middle Class, (3) World Class. Research and history has proven that even when someone is given a million dollars, if they're internal self image is rooted in a Poverty consciousness or Middle Class consciousness, they always find a way back to Poverty or Middle Class, because that's where their self image tells them that's where they belong. The same holds true for losing weight, getting in shape, having more money, building a healthy - happy - whole marriage, and the list goes on.

Your inner drive is driven by your inner consciousness. If you want a better life, a better body, a better relationship, a better career, or a better bank account ... begin my raising your inner self image. You'll know that you've succeeded in doing so, when your drive is greater than your excuses and your actions are louder than your words.

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