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Hey Tribe.

I was thinking about how my commitment to affirmations has changed my life. Every morning I begin my day with affirmations / what I believe. And throughout the day, more affirmations. I also end every night with, you guessed it, affirmations. 

Affirmations are an extremely effective tool for changing your core beliefs. As you probably know, your beliefs play a huge role in determining your levels of confidence, happiness, and your entire character and personality in general. In fact, I think it is safe to say that, besides genetics, beliefs are the primary things that separate one person from another.

If you haven’t been making the effort to consciously voice your own beliefs, then you are essentially just going through life taking what you’re given. The good news is that you can begin to fill your mind with powerful beliefs that help you get more of what you want. You can consciously take control of your life using the power of affirmations and positive thinking. Life happens to us all but you are not a victim of your circumstances unless you choose to be. You are a creator, and your creative force is your thoughts/ beliefs/affirmations. 


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