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I want you to know that you can reach your goals and design the life you deserve, even if you have to do it ...all by your darn self!

Recently, I took some time to look back at some videos and pictures of myself 10 years, when I was 40 years young. I mention being 40 years young because that's when I began my journey as a Senior Pastor. I founded and started Uniting God's Kingdom Family Life Church, which I later renamed the Freedom Church and I also began to build my brand, my business, and resume as a Motivational Speaker and a Life Coach. 10 years later and I am still going strong, better than ever, with a ministry that primed for a major move and a business model that makes money while I'm sleeping. And I did all of this without special friends in high places, without an audience already in place to launch products to, and without a ton of play money to throw at my business. I started all of this after I lost my job, making $3,500 a month. Part of me wanted to go somewhere and cry but another part of me wanted to make sure that I never put myself in a position where someone else had the power to determine my fate. I chose to fight for me and build something that no-one could ever take.

If I can do it, you can too. Some people think I'm just talented, gifted, and lucky. That's a load of crap. I'm just like you. I've had to work with nothing and turn that nothing into something. I've studied my butt off, like I was in college working on my Doctorate. I've gone without a car, cable, eating out, and buying new clothes just so I could scrape up enough money to buy a digital camera and then a video camera, so I could use them to build a business that would make money so that I could continue to build other businesses, so that I could make more money, so I could ... I think you get the picture.

Here's my point. My faith in God was not enough to get me where I am today and my faith in God is not enough to take me where I'm going tomorrow. It was my faith in God and my faith in myself that pushed me and pushes me onward, forward, and upward. Believe in God and believe in yourself. Believe in yourself enough to do the hard work necessary to trigger the change you desire in every area of your life. Do what only you can do for you. Workout. Save money. Read books. Sharpen your skills. Do what only you can do for you. Love yourself enough to the work and the results will come.

Let's get it!

Troy Wynn, Sr.

The Transformation Coach

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