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Don't turn a moment into a monument.

When you acknowledge what's getting in the way of your fulfillment, you can maximize your mistakes and minimize your missteps. The truth about life is that no matter how well you're doing, from time to time, you're going to make moves that will prove to be unwise and unwarranted. When this happens, don't throw away all of your progress when you're dealing with a moment of regret.

We all fall. We all make mistakes. We all say, do, and think things we shouldn't sometimes. We all give in to our flesh from time to time, even when we know we shouldn't. Some won't admit it because their image is more important than their honesty. But, if you want to tune losses in lessons and pain into power, you're going to have to be honest with yourself about yourself. You are going to have your moments. The key is to let a moment be a moment. Don't turn a moment into a monument.

As much as we desire for life to be filled with nothing but success, I'm here to tell you that sometimes that success is silently solidified on a foundation of sin and setbacks. And for all of the self-righteous folks reading this, you without sin and setbacks, cast the first stone. And then there was none. Just as it should be. We spend too much time judging and jousting with one another. Here's the absolute truth. We're all dealing with the same demons in one way or another. Take courage in this. At long as we're dealing with our demons, the dealing isn't done. God's not finished. God's not done. And neither are you. Don't turn a moment into a monument.

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