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insporatIon, motivatIon, transformatIon.


In these 3 words, the letter I has been underlined for a reason. 

Some people spend their entire lives, starting and then quitting, for a myriad of reasons. I used to waste time, trying to help people analyze why their life followed this pattern and protocol. No matter the reason, the results are always the same; failure, stagnation, defeat, excuses, lack, and waste. 

Don't allow this to be your life or should I say your existence because you can't really call it a life until you can call it a breakthrough. Researchers say that most people never realize their breakthrough because they're infected with the disease called average. They dream of change and talk of change but the disease of average has a hold on them that just won't easily let go. It's like having a high fever, if you don't break it, it will break/kill you. 

insporatIon, motivatIon, and transformatIon demand that I step up and stay at it until my disease called average is broken and destroyed, in every area of my life. I decided (a long time ago) not to entertain or embrace the disease of average in my life. It was a decision that only I could make. It, too, is a decision that only you can make. It's a decision that we all have to make, each and every day we live. 

Life goes on, whether or not you make this decision. What matters is what kind of life it will be, if we don't. 

Troy Wynn, Sr.

The Transformation Tribe

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