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As a result of what I do; fear is transformed into faith, defeat is transformed into defiance, and losers are transformed into lions & lionesses. Transformation is my assignment and I have the secret sauce.


I'm proof of what one can overcome to become the powerful being that they were born to be, from the very beginning. From low self-esteem to no self-esteem, which threw me into a state of severe depression for 15 years, which resulted in me being an alcoholic by 19, with a record of anger, violence, and unpredictable behavior. After nearly dying from an intentional drug overdose which marked my third suicide attempt, I reached my lowest low, with nowhere to go but up. 


What separates me from the masses who do what I do? I help people transform through transparency and truth. Audiences of all ages have experienced the power of a much-needed transformation, while they were sitting in their seats. The vast majority of speakers you hire are going to give your audience information, motivation, and even inspiration but information, motivation, and inspiration don't always translate into transformation. Transformation is triggered when the one who's been there is skilled enough to take you there, sit you there in it, and then take you by the hand and lead you up and out of the pit that once held you prisoner. That's what I do.


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