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    •    2 scheduled one-to-one 60 min. coaching sessions per month (Phone and/or Video)

    •    email support

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    •    4 scheduled one-to-one 60 min. coaching sessions per month (Phone and/or Video)

    •    email support

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  • 6 scheduled one-to-one 60 min. coaching sessions (Phone and/or Video)

  • unlimited email and unlimited text messaging support

  • between-session "homework"

  • in-promptu calls (as needed)

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 One-to-One Coaching w/ The Transformation Coach, Troy Wynn, Sr.


Transformation Coaches charge rates similar to other helping professionals. Most Transformation Coaches charge somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour.


Here is a checklist of some of the offerings I include in my monthly coaching packages:

  • scheduled one-to-one coaching sessions (Phone and/or Video)

  • email and text messaging support

  • between-session "homework"

  • in-promptu calls as needed

  • personality assessments and debriefings

  • Monthly packages will generally range somewhere between $200 and $750 per month


A Transformation Coach can help you improve your life but you still need to take responsibility for the changes you want to make. I can’t do the work for you. And I won’t retain you as a client if your effort and your results aren’t keeping pace with my insight and instructions. Unlike some people in the Coaching profession, I’m not in it for the money. I’m in for the transformations. Life is too short to waste time chatting about change. If you hire me as your Transformation Coach, you need to know that I only speak one language and it’s called results. I’m not going to sugarcoat the facts or pacify your feelings. I’m going to kick your butt, tell you the truth, and bust your head open until the white meat shows when necessary but always in love. If you’re looking for anything else, I’m not your guy.



The length of your coaching engagement (and the resulting cost) also depends on what issues you are facing in your life. Some issues can be solved quickly. Other issues need more time. Here are a couple real-life examples to give you an idea of how long you may want to hire me as your  Transformation Coach.


Marcus came to us recently because he was looking for some accountability and support for his work as an independent professional. Since he worked from home most days, he found it hard to get motivated and to remain focused on his work. He found himself wasting time until deadlines were breathing down his neck. His procrastinating ways caused him stress, loss of revenue, and serious family issues. Marcus knew he needed someone to help him establish new routines and to deal with his issues in a positive, productive, constructive way. Within two months, his productivity was restored, his revenue increased by 25%, and his families issues had improved dramatically.


On the other hand, Lisa came to us shortly after getting divorced. She’s been working with me for 12 months. The transformation she wanted in her life was more extensive. Because she was willing to do the work required by her coach to create the life she wanted after divorce, today she’s happier and healthier for it. 


In some cases, clients get great results in 4-5 weeks. In other cases, it takes many months for total life transformation to occur. I don’t do quick fixes. I want to be very clear about this. Transformation is a process of purpose, pain, and persistence. You have to be ready and willing to work for the reward of becoming your greatest accomplishment in life.

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